Gentleman in Manteo needs help!

Discussion in 'Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs' started by Tia, Jun 9, 2009.

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    Got a call today from Scott Steinkolk. He lives in Manteo and has a colony living in the eaves of his garage. They've been there for one year and today "there are thousands" of them on the outside of the garage. He didn't want to much listen to what I was telling him; he's sure they're taking up no more space that 1 or 2 sq ft because "there's a brick chimney there and they have nowhere to go." He also doesn't want to pay what I consider to be a reasonable fee to have them removed, but again, he doesn't want to kill them. Since there doesn't seem to be a Dare County Chaptner of NCSBA, I've referred him to (1) the Dare County Extension Office, (2) Adolphus Leonard, (3) NCSBA, and, if all else fails (4) Dr. Tarpy.

    He says they're dark bees (I wish I could go get them). If anyone's by Dare County, please contact him at [email protected], or phone (252) 473-3198.

    Please let me know status.