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Get those swarm boxes ready!

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Before the prolonged rain event here in the northeast, I had started to see the start of swarm cells in some of the strongest colonies.

What will now happen, is that swarms are being delayed. The next day (when that is I have no clue!) that the sun comes out and it warms up, there will be many calls for swarms.

So get an extra box ready. It can not rain all month....can it? ;)
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I think the record was 40 days/40 nights :lol:
We're under tornado watches and warnings tonight.
Bad part was that as it was getting dark, and it begun to pour out this evening, I noticed a swarm about 40 feet up a maple tree. :(

Well, they got their pick of a bunch of empty hives come tomorrow... ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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