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Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by Kevin1969, Apr 9, 2018.

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    I'll be honest, I'm getting worried. I have read a lot of threads about people worried about the cold temps where they live. 50s at day and low 40s at night. I live in the higher elevations south of buffalo ny, I still have snow on the ground and it keeps snowing. This will be my first venture into beekeeping. My hives are ready but I'm worried about my nuc coming in later this month. With current temps 20s and 30s I have a few questions

    Should I transfer my nucs to the full size brood boxes or leave them in the nuc boxs?

    Does sugar water freeze faster than regular water?

    How long can they stay in a nuc box?

    I would really hate to fail before I get started . Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thx
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    you don't feed syrup when temps are below the 40's. period. They won't eat it anyhow. You feed fondant, and the recipe is on this website, I posted it. How long in a nuc box depends on how big the nuc bee population is, but your nuc provider shouldn't deliver them before your weather is ready. Then generally that is good weather and you move their frames into an appropropriately sized box, whether 10 frame or 8 frame, deep or medium to match your nuc's frame size.