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Been on vacation all week in Florida, Had a great time and caught a ton of fish. Yesterday was opening day
of Red Snapper season. Tore them up. My and my sons arms are very sore today, and thats a good thing:grin:


While I was there I got a phone call from a local farmer that has a swarm that has set up house in his electric box for one of his field pumps. He can't turn his pump on. The front cover got left up and the bees have drawn comb hanging down under the cover. Sounds like a easy cut out. He said when he first saw it, it was a big ball of bees couple weeks ago, now he sees comb but not that many bees. I am thinking they are just all our foreging now as compaired to the swarm.

Once they start building comb wouldn't they likely stay. Anyway, I'll know more tomorrow. Gone from 0 to 5 hives since April. WooHoo

Also gonna take the opportunity to ask him about placing a few hives on his farm land next summer. He farms soybeans, corn and rice. Gonna start looking for places to set up hives next year.
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