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I got a phone call this morning. Snow just coming down roads still slippery.

"My husband cut down a tree with bees in it"

"When, are they still alive"

"Two weeks ago. He cut around them but left them there. We got to thinking we should call someone and found your number on google"

Ok so I drove out in the snow to rescue these bees. Get there and they had taken all the honeycomb they could reach out of the log. It was actually a piece cut to firewood size and not a stump. So I loaded them into the back of the truck. Got them home and properly oriented. Squeezed some honey on the visual comb and poured a cup of dry sugar in.

I really doubt they make it. Numbers didn't look very strong but it was 32 degrees and I wasn't going to mess with them any more than I had to. Thinking I might put them in the observation hive if they make it since I have to cut them out and put them in frames anyway.
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