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Greetings from Minnesota!

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I used to do a lot with beekeeping (serious hobby), but have taken a few years off since moving to urban Minneapolis, Minnesota. This year, however, I'd like to get back into it and start doing it commercially--I have all of the boxes and equipment stored at my parent's farm about 1 hour outside of the city, but no bees. Anyone on here have some contacts in Minnesota to get bees and start the process of becoming an official commercial bee farm?

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Hello Jonathan.

Did you get set up with bees? Not that I can help, just asking "how's it going?"
No, everyone I found was out of package bees by the time I found them. I'll just have to aim to get them ordered earlier next year.
Thanks for asking--how are your bees going this year?

If not for rain the past 5 days, everythging I guess is fine.

Have you asked about a package being shipped into your place? Some places such as Hardeman's in Georgia will ship packages. Their number is 1-912-583-2710

I would of gone nuts having to wait another year when I started. Hope you get bees soon.
I spoke to Hardemans. They are out.

They did mention perhaps Waldo apiaries in Ohio as a source who will ship.
Sorry for the late post, but I just joined.

I'm in Lakeville and my daughter and I got our package of bees from B&B honey farm.
Which is down in SE MN. Huston MN to be exact.

Hope this helps for next year.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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