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Growing blueberries

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I'm planting blueberries for the first time. I know they like an acidic soil. In much of my gardening, I double dig the raised beds in th spring adding a good amount of aged manure and compost.

So what can you add or what do you do to ensure an acidic soil for blueberries. I do not have a soil tester.

Can someone explain acidic versus.....whatever the opposite is? Not real sure about additives to the garden beyond fertilizer and composting.

Thank you.
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The opposite is alkaline, and since the soil in this area is naturally acidic, all I know is how to make it more alkaline. We have to add lime on a regular basis to raise the PH to keep it from going acid. Any nursery should be able to tell you what to add to lower the PH.
Bjorn, just be aware that you should never eat the first 4 quarts of blueberries each year. You need to have someone experienced, such as myself, come down and remove them for you. ;) :D :D
getting the soil tested is real easy if you have the chance? Do you have a soild conservation dept. or a rural coop? You can even buy them at places like Lowes but I've never used the "do it yourself" kits.
But you can get fertilizer by makers like miracle grow for acid loving plants too.
They grow slow but are worth every single berry they produce!!!!
I use the county extension office since it is part of their job here. I dig samples from around the yard/garden (no plant matter), take it to the extension office, write what crops I am sowing or growing with name and address. I then get it sent to me or go up there to pick it up. I want to get the test done by late summer so I can amend for the winter and be set for spring.
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