Handling Africanized Bees

Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by jlabaume, Dec 9, 2011.

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    I'm no professional by any means, but in all my years of keeping bees, helping others, etc., I've never been attacked like that. Based on what I've read about Africanized bees, I would definitely be inclined to destroy that colony. Why did one colony seem to be very gentle and that one so mean? They chased you 30 yards into a building. That doesn't sound good at all ......... and, 30 to 40 stings! That's serious stuff!

    No bragging, but I very seldom use protection. Lots of times I work with my bees without anything for protection other than my smoker, which I use sparingly! Sure, when there's no honey flow in progress, if I need to be in a hive, I do wear protection. And, the use of a hand spray bottle of lightly sweetened sugar water will keep them busy when you get the lid off! Use as necessary!

    100% Cotton cloth (wash cloths) works great for smoke and will stay lite!