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Hardworking beekeeper

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I just want all of you folks to know that y'all are in the midst of a really industrious keeper here in the forum. Sometimes, we just don't realize how hardworking people can be.

Yesterday, my keeper acquaintance was teaching me about extraction. It was indeed back-breaking work for him the entire day. First, he had to teach me how to use a hive tool to loosen the frame from the box and get it out. A sticky, heavy, thankless job at best. Then, he had to show me how to use a heated knife of some sort to remove all those caps. He had to watch me closely so it was really exhausting for him.

The physically demanding part for him was having to supervise me as I put the frames in the extractor and turned the crank. I'm just glad I didn't have to sit on the extractor like those old hand-crank ice cream freezers. :D After several hours, he was so tired of watching me crank that he had to take a break and do some forum postings. I was afraid he was going to overdo it, so I made sure he had a soft drink and comfortable chair while he supervised.

Of course, that doesn't begin to tell the tale, there was also draining that stainless steel drum, straining the honey, pouring into jars and of course, no lesson in food industry is complete until all those huge baskets, drums and utensils are washed and put away for next time.

The only thing I refused to learn was how to put the frames back out amongst those little ladies and let them do it all over again. That was most definitely his job.
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You have to do that!!!! Thats the most fun of all, bees aren't angry for taking the honey--happy to clean up the super your replacing. They will GLADLY rebuild anything you inadvertently destroyed and fill it back up again for you to take off later--remember Bees LOVE to work. Actually is a survival imperitave so they believe, we beekeeper only manulipate them to do what they would do naturally, but to our advantage. Next harvest you remove the supers, the little ladies won't care--to much.
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