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Hello From Central Texas

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HI! Total newbie here. My son wanted to start a hive (he is currently unemployed taking care of his autistic son) to supplement his garden with pollinators. We started a hive with a purchased box about three weeks ago and it appears to be thriving with bees coming and going and coated with pollen. Central Texas wildflowers are doing fine this year. The bluebonnets are now going to seed but the early summer flowers are blooming like crazy.

Be prepared to be inundated with questions about hive behavior and health. I am thrilled that the hive appears to be thriving and we are currently watching to learn about how they behave. Looking forward to talking bee with y'all.
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Welcome fishmusic! Ask away. I'm not always around, Wil and Bob help out some. We'll do the best we can. I encourage you to read - the Beekeeping forums have a lot of sticky posts at the top you will find very helpful.
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