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Hello, Hello!

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The site looks good! I know a few of you from another forum site. And it's nice to have more options and come to this site also. For those of you who don't recognize my name.. I am a lady beekeeper in Michigan.

Over the years I have enjoyed Meeting, visiting, working and helping some of the other beeks I have met around the U.S. All just for fun, and going to meetings, see how everyone else does it. Encourage them and be encouraged.

I enjoy raising up a few queens now and then!
Happy Beekeeping to you all!
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glad to see you here pkwilber, hope you hang around for some time.

did you raise any queens this year?

glad to have you onboard.
Welcome to the site pk.

It's a small group, but dang we all look pretty.... :ugeek: Best looking group on the net.... :lol:
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