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I know I'm asking for a lot here, but after reading about doing cutouts, I think I need to come up with a contract to have potential customers sign before going in and doing a job. I'm not planning on doing the reconstruction after the removal. I know there are a lot of you that do removals. I am just planning on picking up a couple here and there, to build my hive numbers and make some extra bee-money. Is there anyone here that would be willing to share (via PM) a generic cutout contract with me to use? Please? Just a basic contract, what it should cover and basic wording. I can tweek it to make it applicable to my situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:thumbsup:
Thanks, Dave

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Went into Google and searched for "home repair contract" and came up with a nice selection from which you could probably select and adapt to your needs.

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Here is one I copied long ago from someone on the net

Bee Removal Date__________________
Location ______________________________________
Cost/Rate _______________________
I have been warned that bees sting, and that there will be flying bees during the bee/hive removal process. I agree that [BEEKEEPER'S NAME] shall not be held liable for any stings that occur on the above property.
Significant care will be taken not to create damage other than that required to remove the bees/hive. I understand that accidental damage may occur, and I therefore agree that [BEEKEEPER'S NAME] shall not be held liable for damage that may occur during the bee/hive removal process.
The terms of this agreement are for bee/hive removal only. Once the bees and hive are removed, the Property Owner is responsible for any repairs that may be necessary.
By signing below I agree to the terms of this agreement.

Property Owner ______________________________________ Date______________

Beekeeper ___________________________________________ Date______________

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Here is one more
YOUR Name address
and contact info here

Thank you for your Bee Removal Order: All Orders are subject to our written agreement by our
completion, signature and delivery of the terms agreed to mutually in the following Bee Removal Contract.
Delivery of all documents may be made by U.S. First Class Mail, or acknowledged receipt of copies by
Bee Removal Contract
This agreement is made on ______________________________________ between:
(Homeowners Name) hereinafter called the Homeowner
and YOUR Name
(Beekeeper's name) hereinafter called the beekeeper.
Home Owner Responsibility
I _______________________________ am stating that I am the owner of the property at
________________________________________________________________, and that I authorize
YOUR Name to remove honey bees from my property and to disassemble parts of walls,
floors, exterior or any part of my home in his effort to remove the bees from my home or property. I also
understand that YOUR Name will make every effort to minimize damage to my home while
removing bees and their comb but will not perform or be responsible for any repairs of the disassembly or
damage that occurs during their removal efforts.
I understand that all repairs are my responsibility as the homeowner and that repair to the property should
be performed with the understanding that the bees could return to the same location in the future and that
all measures to prevent this should be communicated to the contractor used to repair the disassembly or
damage done to the structure of the home.
I am stating that the bees have not been sprayed with any type of pesticides of any kind, unless noted below
and signed by both parties.
X__________________ X____________________
Home Owner Beekeeper

I agree to pay the sum of $ ____________ for the agreed service of this contract. I understand that this
amount could change due to extenuating circumstances during the course of stated bee removal. I also
understand that I will be notified if this amount should change due to these circumstances prior to the extra
work being performed.
I understand that YOUR Name will remove all the honeybees from the above stated property,
I also understand that after the removal bees that were still in the field collecting nectar and pollen may
return to the hives location. But realize that most bees that return to find the colony removed will disperse
within 24-48 hrs.

By signing below, I the home owner, have been informed of the services to be done to remove any and all
bees residing on or in my property prior to signing this contract. I also understand that no other agreements
have been made since the signing of this document, either verbally or any other way unless noted below
and initialed by me.
Amendment to original agreement:
X__________________ X____________________
Home Owner Beekeeper
Beekeeper Responsibility:
I will perform all removal work to the best of my ability and do my very best to keep the damage to your
home to a minimum.
I will remove as many bees and as much comb as possible. I will also advise you (the owner) as to the best
way to keep the bees from returning to the same area in the future. I will do everything within my power to
remove all the honeybees from the owner’s property, I do not guarantee that all the bees will be moved due
to bees still being in the field collecting nectar and pollen. Most bees that return to find the colony removed
will disperse within 24-48 hrs.

Date: Beekeeper
Date: Homeowner Signatur
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