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Help us keep this forum organized

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Help us keep this forum organized!

There are so many categories that can be covered here and it would get too confusing to list them all. Instead I created basic sub-forums for the main meals so those recipes can all be together. If you have something to post that doesn't fit in one of those categories then post it here. Examples would be links to your favorite recipe websites, cooking tips, mead or wine making recipes etc...


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Perhaps a "Salads" section? And move my tomato recipe in there.
A salad is a snack to me :) say's the meat and potatoes man at the keyboard.

Although my wife does make an outstanding salad with diced mushrooms green and red peppers, avocado etc...
Sorry. I posted my jelly making hints under desserts before reading this post. Please feel free to move it to a proper location.
I moved it to breakfast. Hope that is satisfactory.
Condiments or Sides would be helpful categories. A salad can be and often is a main meal and jellys are used for all meals - mint jelly on roasted lamb, fig reduction sauce, etc. Would make it easier to place recipes which would make it easier to keep forum organized logically. IMHO.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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