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    Yesterday, one of my oversized nucleus hive swarmed. The bees flew into a branch in my front yard, and in my panic grabbed the best thing I could find, a damaged hive scooped the bees into that. The bees easily moved into the super, I dropped my strainer into the honey so I gave them that to entice them. That night, I moved the hive to a more sheltered location. Now it's lunch time, and I see there's about three dozen bees where the bush once was.

    I'm not sure what to do now. I have a empty nucleus that isn't damaged, I think it'd be best to move them into that, but I'm not sure. Last time I moved a weak hive into a new box, the bees didn't transition well and mostly died. Should I do anything about the bees at the branch? They may have just fell onto the ground when I moved them last night. There's still a bit of activity at the super itself. What should I do about the hive that they swarmed from? It's still crowded, combwise, but there's few bees left in there now. Should the swarmed bees, and the bees left behind, all have a queen? Do I essentially have two colonies now?