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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by lobo, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hello beekeepers,

    I'm living in Germany and I'm beekeeping for 6 years currently with 8 active hives. But now, due to some changes in live, I have plans ....

    In the past few years I often read the threads of this forum and I learned a lot, especially i' ve got other views than only reading german forums.

    I'm very sorry that currently the activities in this forum dropped down and I fear that I can not change this in a remarkable way, due to my limited english language skills.
    But anyway you will have a silent supporter!

    One thing I want to mention: I found this forum some years ago during looking fo the C.C. Miller books. I've read them over and over again and I find them still very motivating!
    Thanks for everything.

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    Hi Lobo,

    I have returned a little more this year as I have been in my office due to some surgery. And we have a few new members. Management seems to be a bit hard to reach with the new ownership, but will see what happens this year. Any post counts and helps