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hi from Orleans, France

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HI, i m Laurent, farmer since 1987 and beekeeper since 2221, 20 miles north of orleans, in the french plains

i have now about 15 beehives, half of them are buckfast bees, other half swarm i picked up

i no-till farm with a lot of cover crops, so i see beekeeping as a part of the way i farm

big issues here are varroa and asian hornet
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Hi Laurent! I would have to agree with you that beekeeping and farming is a win-win. Have you found that production has increased with the addition of the bees? I have about a hectare of fruit growing and engaged in beekeeping mostly to improve pollination.
Welcome Laurentlorre. We don't have asian hornets in Texas, our big issues are varroa mites, well sometimes, and drought, a lot of the time.
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