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    Hi All,

    You probably remember all the trouble I had with my hives: SHBs, ants, etc. Well the girls in the 4mediums hive pulled together a solid capped medium of Golden Rain Tree honey--light and beautiful. Of course, I pulled out my back pushing and pulling a 47lb box to the honey house. Left them with half a medium and a new medium of wax foundation, just in case they want to work on it before the flow stops. We should have another month, but I'd like some input from other central Florida beeks about that.

    The other hive of 2deeps is completely different. They never did pull out the wax on the medium I put on top, even after I took out the excluder. So when I went in to see how the honey stores were doing, I found they had circled smaller portions of brood with larger portions of honey. I knew they had to be crowded because they were refusing to use the medium, but then with 2 deeps, the queen has more room than the all medium hive. I saw brood in most of the frames, but no dedicated frames of honey. I'm guessing that's ok, too?.

    I did find one entire (both sides) frame of drone brood. I scraped it all open looking for mites, but saw none. Girls were ticked off. I then took that medium of wax that they won't pull and put it between the 2 deeps so that they have to track over it to attend the brood in the top. Fingers crossed. After I took just 2 frames of honey, I put that drone brood and some empty sticky frames in a medium on top so they could clean the frames of honey without having to fight for it. Bees were coming from miles around.

    When the frames above are cleaned out, I'll remove that 2nd medium on top of the 2nd deep. To refresh, it's now (starting from the bottom) deep (brood/honey), med (unpulled wax), deep (brood/honey), med (frames to be cleaned and dead drone brood).

    Anyone got any thoughts/suggestions about how to get more from the 2deep hive? Do you think it's too late to try to force them to pull out the wax on the middle medium even though we should have another month of honey flow?
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