Hive beetles and Warré top bars

Discussion in 'Top Bar & other Alternative Hives' started by beezykeeper, May 4, 2015.

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    Hey all,

    This is my first year beekeeping and my friend and I build two Warré style top bar hives! We bought top bar nucs and modified them to fit our hives.

    When installing one of the hives I noticed a hive beetle crawling on the comb. After the 1 week inspections I did not see any beetles in the hive.

    We don't have a screened floor or anything to fight against the pest. When I talked with another Warré style beekeeper he told me that he has few problems with hive beetles because the Warré hives are usually helpful in keeping the beetles out. Anyone else out there have Warré hives? What has been your experience with hive beetles or even varroa?