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Hive re-Queened itself...

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I installed a 3 lb. package on 4/11/09 into a brand new hive with undrawn foundation) and upon inspection today, I have swarm cells present... (One of them emerged from the cell during inspection!)

I didn't see any larva or eggs really, just lots of capped brood (I'd attach a photo if I could!)... so I think (?) that I lost the queen somehow? If I did, wouldn't I have seen supercedure cells at the top of the frame instead of swarm cells at the bottom?

Also....There was still plenty of foundation left to be drawn out. I was under the impression that swarming is generally a hazard when the hive becomes overcrowded. How is that possible when there's still so much foundation left to be drawn?? Or is this just breed instinct? (they are carnolians)

Since I didn't find the queen and didn't see eggs or larva, only capped brood... I left the queen that emerged into the hive as I was inspecting alone and am thinking I'll watch for eggs/larva in 7-10 days or so.

Do they swarm before or after the new queen has emerged?? There's still LOTS Of bees in the hive, would there be noticeably fewer bees today?
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Swarm cells on bottom are TYPICAL, not set in stone. Bees don't always do the typical way. It sounds like the hive is healthy and an inspection for eggs and larva in 10 to 12 days should have good results.
Yes, there is a good chance of that. 13 days after emergence equals what beeks consider the 29th day. "16 to emerge+13". They can easily go till the 35th day before starting to lay.
What date did you install her? You need to check for release and eggs 7 days later.
Then another update.
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