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Bee attack kills 1,000-pound hog in Arizona
By MARK CARLSON - Associated Press | AP – Thurs. Sept 11 PHOENIX (AP) — A southern Arizona hog farmer said Thursday that she watched in horror as thousands of bees swarmed a 1,000-pound hog during an attack that lasted about two hours.

"I went out three times to hose him down," June Hewitt told The Associated Press. "The very last time I went, he lifted his head when I called his name, flicked his ears, and that was the end."

Farmers were trying to move a hive that weighed around 200 pounds when about 250,000 Africanized bees swarmed like a black cloud and attacked animals and workers, KOLD-TV ( reported.

Hewitt said the attack killed her male pig, Franklin. An 800-pound pregnant sow nearby also was stung so many times that she went into a coma and lost her litter.

"It was very unpleasant," said Hewitt, who lives in the border town of Bisbee.

Bee expert Reed Booth said Franklin had no chance because Africanized bees had spread pheromones all over the farm animals, riling up other bees.

"The pigs started getting stung, and the pheromone was on the pig and that was the target area for the rest of the bees," Booth said. "So the rest of the bees went completely goofy and killed that poor pig. We watched him take his last breath."

Booth said he can't explain why the bees are so agitated this year.

"It doesn't make any rhyme or reason," Booth said. "I've been doing this over 20 years. For some reason, this year, they're (Africanized bees) just going completely insane."

Bee attacks aren't limited to the southern part of the state. A 49-year-old man in northern Arizona remained hospitalized after he was stung more than 1,000 times on Sunday. Yavapai County authorities say DeWayne Spires disturbed bees nesting under a cattle trough.

250,000 bees? one colony? ---wish I had that kinda forager force in my colonies--think of the honey, wax, pollen, propolis :yahoo:

and yet another:

updated 9/16/2011 5:47:35 AM ET 2011-09-16T09:47:35
Print Font: + - LOS ANGELES — Thousands of angry bees swarmed a man in a wheelchair, sending him and three others who came to his aid to the hospital in the Southern California city of Santa Ana.

The attack also shut down a street and forced the evacuation of several businesses while beekeepers removed the hive, which was estimated to contain 60,000 bees.

The trouble started at a storage yard when a man in a wheelchair apparently disturbed the hive, causing the bees to bombard him, Santa Ana fire Capt. Steven Snyder said.

"He was attacked and stung over 60 times and had fallen out of the wheelchair and was yelling for help," Snyder said.

The man's cries attracted the attention of three bystanders who ran to his aid.

'Very impressive' rescue
The bees were so aggressive that the three men had to retreat initially, but they dove back in and managed to pull the man to safety, Snyder said.

The men were stung dozens of times during the "very impressive" rescue, he said.

All four men had difficulty breathing and suffered rashes, nausea and vomiting.

They were taken to hospitals and at least two of the men were released Thursday night, Snyder said.

He didn't know their conditions or if the man in the wheelchair was still hospitalized.

No names were released, but Snyder estimated all four men were in their 40s.

Ken Steinhardt / AP
With bees swarming, Bee Keeper Technician Kris Fricke runs back to his truck for equipment to remove a swarm of aggressive honey bees in Santa Ana, Calif. on Thursday. Two firefighters who responded to the scene also were stung.

Snyder said DNA tests were planned to determine the type of bee — they may have been the aggressive Africanized bee, a hybrid of African honey bees and European honey .

and yet another:

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2011
By Tap Vann

TEXAS - A massive swarm of killer bees attacked several towns in Southern Texas, killing over two hundred people.

The first incident happened last Friday. A swarm of bees attacked an elderly couple at their South Texas ranch, killing both and injuring their son, officials said.

Tommy Morton, 76, was spraying insecticide on a bees’ nest when the bees attacked him, his 66-year-old wife, Shelly Morton, and their daughter Maggie, according to Jim Hogg County sheriff’s deputies.

Tommy Morton was spraying to kill bees that had built a hive in his attic when and they attacked him, and then went after his family The Morton family was pronounced dead at the scene after each having been stung over 500 times.

The bees, who seem to have orderly battalions, are attacking citizens throughout the county.

“It was horrifying, you couldn’t even seen the sky there was so many of them,†said Sally Jenkins. “It was like a storm was moving in. We all just ran to get inside, but if you had a window or door open, they came in. I lost three friends.

Sheriff Ramon Espinoza has his Deputies out trying to kill the killer bees with everything they have: “We are getting stung, but we all got anti-killer bee injections, which were provided by the State. It works. So far.â€

The bees were thought to be heading toward Oklahoma, but now seemed to be heading northeast. “Looks like they’re heading up to Washington DC,†said Caleb Boozman. “That’s be a good place for them to go.â€

If you are in Texas and you see a swarm of bees – run and hide
how did we miss these stories
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