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Here's a recipe that can be used for diabetics:

2 of the small bowls of Sugar Free Cool Whip

2 of the regular size Sugar Free Vanilla instant pudding mix

1 can of evaporated milk

2 cups of Splenda

3 tablespoons of Vanilla flavoring

Just before freezing, add just enough milk to reach the fill line of the freezer

Pour the pudding mix in a bowl and add the evaporated milk. Mix using an electric mixer or a wisp until the pudding is dissolved. (There will usually be small pin head size drops of pudding that won't dissolve.)

Add the cool whip and 2 tablespoons of Vanilla flavoring to the above mixture and mix until the cool whip is absorbed. Add the Splenda and continue mixing. Add a cup of milk and mix again. Now the good part: the taste test. Add Splenda or the rest of the Vanilla flavoring to suit your sweet tooth or taste. Pure Vanilla flavoring will make it taste a little bitter if too much is used.

Ahead of time, place the metal bucket in the freezer for a couple or hours. (Chilling the above mixture in the refrigerator seems to make the ice cream taste better also.) When you're ready to freeze the cream, pour the chilled mixture in the cold bucket from the freezer and add milk to the fill line. Be sure not to overfill it.

We make this ice cream for my dad who is a diabetic and it does not raise his sugar level. The only sugar in the above recipe is in the milk. For those not on a sugar restricted diet, simply substitute sugar products for the above items. It'll work just the same.
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