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Mukah, KJ, and Mei are "honey animals", really, they are animals that like honey.

Last year the Cameron Park Zoo (Waco) received 3 orangutans: 2 Bornean and 1 Sumatran/Bornean hybrid. The zookeeper told about KJ not being able to get the last of the honey from a bottle, so he spit in the bottle, shook it up, and drank the honey. Smart orange monkey. :thumbsup:

Did someone say "Honey"?

Well, we had a few bottles of Fall honey, so we gave the zoo some. They used the honey as a reward in training (they train the orangs to present shoulders, elbows, ears, etc. for medical examinations). They're so darn big you have to have their cooperation for examinations. ;)

Yesterday we delivered some of our Spring honey. I hope they like it.

Maybe there's an advertising slogan in there somewhere like, "Honey, It's not just for humans and bears anymore." :yahoo:

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