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honey comb construction problem

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Hey guys - I need some advise. I mentioned this on one of my earlier posts, but I need your input. I put a top feeder on that swarm I caught back in the spring and the bees have built up into the middle of the top feeder instead of going out into the frames of the hive body. I have left it on all summer and have added syrup so I felt that if they couldn't go up they would be forced to build out and into the hive body. I would like to get into the hive body and see what's going on before fall sets in but that would mean I would have to tear the comb from the feeder. If you think I should go ahead and do this should I 1: set the feeder apart and let them and the other bees rob it and put a new feeder on for now or 2: should I set the feeder back on the hive and let the bees fix it after I check on them.. OR 3: should I just leave well enough alone for the winter and feed the heck out of these guys and not worry about what is going on underneath the feeder??? I do see a lot of activity from the bee entrance. I have kept the entrance reduced since it is a small hive because I was afraid my larger ones would rob them to death.

Also - I still have a super on my hives and when I checked them last weekend they are still working honey since hardly any of it was capped. We have been fortunate enough to keep getting rains around here so there is still some out there for the bees. So what should I do with these late supers???

So TWO questions for you experts! I so appreciate the great advise I have got from you before. This bee forum is a blessing to those of us who are new at this business! :D
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I would remove the top feeder, by twisting it before lifting very far, to break the comb loose from the box, if attached at the bottom. Then inspect the hive, make any adjustments, and replace the feeder as was. The comb in the feeder is unsightly to us, but is just fine for the bees.

I would leave the supers as is for now. As cool weather approaches, the bees will consolidate the stores and you will know better then what is needed.
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