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Would like to start a discussion about how states treat small scale honey producers who wish to process (bottle) their own honey and sell it locally. Many states including Florida make it economically prohibitive for a person to legally sell their honey even at roadside stands, farmers markets etc.

A summary of Florida regs
1. Can not bottle in home
2. Must posses a Dept of Ag permit $100-300
3. Must possess Certified Food Manager Permit $50-100/ 5 yr
4. Honey Processing facility must have approved toilet, septic system.
5. Grey water (washdown/cleanup) must be treated as sewage
6. Washwater must be from approved source (municipal water system or well water tested quarterly.
7. Standard good practice measures(3 compartment sink, hand wash sink, mop sink, approved lighting, ventilation, etc)

Cost estimate to meet requirements are $25-$35K for a minimal honey processing facility.

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North Carolina, to sell direct from beekeeper to consumer.....Put in bottle or jar and sell.

For beekeeper selling to middleman for resale...
Label container with weight, producer, pure honey statement.

The pure honey statement is to prevent addition of corn syrup or other additives.
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