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I found this on line and wish to share.
The recipe came from November 1993 American Bee Journal by John Iannuzzi page 771.

We purchased our yeast and extract on line.
You need eight empty 2 liter bottles to put the ingredients into.


1/8 oz dry wine yeast
4 gallon H2o-water (=32#)
2 quarts honey (=6#)
2 fl oz of rootbeer extract

We mixed out ingredients in a five gallon bucket then filled eight cleaned 2 liter plastic soda bottles with the mix, placed the filled 2 liter bottles with their lids screwed on tight on the floor of wifes laundry room and could hardly wait to taste test, my two youngest grandchildren were my helpers.

Approximately 24 hours later my wife yelled "There is rootbeer on the floor in the laundry", the pressure inside the bottle had exceeded the holding pressure capacity of the used lids I guess, so we immediately put all the bottles into a refrigerator---standing upright

I hope you enjoy trying this recipe as much as we do.


First step-Dissolve the yeast in a half cup of warm water

Second step-Pour three gallons of warm water (80 degrees) into the five gallon white plastic bucket.

Third step-Pour the honey into the bucket using the remaining gallon of water to rinse the honey jars.

Fourth step- dump the extract into the bucket.

Fifth step-Place the dissolved yeast into the bucket. Stir well.

Sixth step-With the eight topless 2 liter plastic bottles near by, start filling using a funnel.
Fill to within 1 inch from the top.

Seventh step-Screw on bottle lids and place the filled plastic bottles on their sides in a warm spot for 48 hours or until the bottles get rigid.

Eighth step-Store in refrigerator upright or prone depending on clearance.

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Pretty sure the poster is long gone on this one. Might poke around the internet and search out an answer.
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