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Honey vinegar

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I need a recipe. Anybody got one? I want to use mother of vinegar, not natural yeast.
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Hi Iddee,
I have a book called HONEY. In it, it has culinary uses of honey but can find no reference to Honey vinegar.
Do you mean honey mixed with other ingreediance?

No, I mean honey fermented to make vinegar rather than mead. It uses a much weaker honey to water mixture and uses mother of vinegar for yeast to ferment it.
Hi Iddee,

In my "Wild Fermentation" book it just says to use the "mother" to start another batch of vinegar (not mentioning the honey vinegar although). Just using soured wine of course for your vinegar, as first is wine, then comes vinegar. The acidity of the finished vinegar correlates with the alcohol content of the wine it was made from. Just let the honey/water ferment in wide open air with your "mother of Vinegar" for a few weeks longer would be my opinion. Of course stir and keep covered with cheese cloth. Of course wild cultures will also get in. Book is "Wild fermentation" (The Flavors, nutritions, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods), by Sandor Ellix Katz.
I've found that. My question is, how much mother? Will a cup of mother be enough for 50 gallons, or do you need a 50/50 mixture of mother and mead? I know both are exaggerated, but I don't know what the ratio is, and haven't been able to find it.
I don't know the "ratio". But I would think 1 cup to 50 gallons would be enough, as yeast spores are very small to begin with. If I find something you are looking for I will let you know.
Hey Iddee

There's a good Fish & Chip shop that does a splendid vinegar to put on your chips just round the corner.

Then get yourself around the corner and get their recipe. :D
I know you didn't start off looking for vinegar, but here is a place I had bought from and their garlic honey vinegar is fantastic!

Rolling Hills farms - Garlic honey vinegar

(I have no vested interest in this company.)
So have you started working on a vinegar yet? I'm dying of curiosity as I wait for the last canner of venison to finish cooling.....
I trashed the first batch and am waiting for the second batch to process. So far, "3 weeks", no action seems to have taken place. I'll give it 8 weeks and trash it if nothing happens.

Dismal outlook, so far.
Iddee, try this:

YOu have to keep skipping over the ads, but there may be some info there.
Although written, in my opinion, very poorly, it does give the highlights that I have picked up on other sites. Thanks for posting it. Every little bit helps.

The first batch, I tried to do naturally. It soured rather than fermenting. The second batch, I bought a bottle of raw honey vinegar as a starter. Hopefully, it will work better.
I'm interested in learning more about that whole process, it just sounds like fun. Let me know how it turns out.
Bragg's brand of organic apple cider vinegar says on the label that it contains 'the mother'. Perhaps you could add a bit of that as a starter/catalyst? I have heard of other people making various vinegars using some Bragg to jump start it. Easy to get in health food stores/natural food markets.
That's what I used, Omie. 16 ounces of Braggs in a gallon jar. 6 pints water and 1 pint honey.
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