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As a life long conservative, and now more a libertarian. I am almost always against government regulation and intrusion into my life. That said, people like me and others with similar views do not see government as having no function. I understand that there is a need for things like the interstate highway system, and environmental protection, etc. People of my view also consider capitalism and the corporate way as the fabric of what America is all about. At issue here is government no longer acts for the good of the people, society, or environment. They act in the interest of who pays for elections.

I have watched a couple documentaries and read some on this issue. The biggest problems I see with the government permission to use these chemicals is:
1. The decision was made using Bayers studies and data. (No independent studies)
2. The toxicity data is based on lethal doses of adult bees.
3. No study was required for approval with respect to the effects on brood or any other bee behavior.

My point is you can't blame Bayer for trying to make a product for their consumer base. I am sure their intent was not to kill bees. If they had data and supressed it that this could happen, that's another story.
You can however place blame on the government, who once again did not act in our interest, probably did not have a bee expert review Bayers data, and allowed this product to be spread across this country with residuals lasting who knows how long. All due to lobby money and the interest in the next election.

I am not saying I have a solution and am not trying to be inflamatory. I also offer condolences to those who have been impacted by this.

A good start for reform would be to repeal the 17th amendment. If the senate was still the voice of the states in Washington instead of an elected "Super" house of representatives, smaller groups such as beekeepers would have easier and quicker access to federal regulation reform. It would also cut the lobby money to half of the power of Congress.
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