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    5 nights ago moved two colonies of Russian hybrids. In the afternoon as I was ratchet strapping them, one colony testy already, as I was moving around it, disturbed a large colony of carpenter ants, who proceeded to swarm up my bee suit ( ya know they can nearly bite through a bee suit ). They also ran up the side and onto the flight boards and actually entered the hive...with the predictable results. Figured life was about to get interesting..it did as the bees came boiling out. I fortunately finished for the moment until dusk, used mosquito nets to keep the bees home. But they had crawled all over everywhere, including under the netting, several dozen. as I was putting the hives on to the trailer, between that and when I was putting them on to their new stand I took forty or more stings.. since I've had them on their new stands the outside colony looks like this every night there are no lights to bother them, no critters bother them. just trying to make sense out of what I'm seeing. I have been a beekeeper for over 12 years and I've never seen this behavior.

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