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Hi friends, long time follower first time post,

I am seeking advices on hot wax dipping with -non petrol- based wax and -non beeswax- based wax.

So primarily soy, palm or the like. Open to other natural suggestions.

I am aware that most folks use the 50/50 paraffin / microcrystalline, some gum rosin added in some percentage. And I totally understand that.

I personally do not want the petrol products in the hive or to purchase those goods.

I personally do not want to use beeswax as it likely has chemicals, and potential diesease vectors I wish not to introduce into my hives.

I am a treatment free beekeeper.

That said, please respond on your experience with soy wax, palm wax, and those mixed with ratios of gum rosin.

I am not looking for an argument on why petrol or beeswax is better, Im not looking for speculation. Just looking for feedback and experience from those who have DONE This.

I have found a great price (I think) at $2.32/lb delivered, for soy wax, and $2.31/lb delivered for palm wax.

Previously I have protected my hives using "tried and true" which is polymerized linseed oil and beeswax, (on the outside only) and then this was torched in with a weed torch so it melts into the wood. Has worked great for some time but I am convinced by the art form of hot wax dipping and ready to commit a large number of hives to being dipped.

Help me out if you have any links, or blogs with experience in this.

In the end, if I have to bite the bullet I will go 50/50 parafin microcrystalline with gum rosin, but I WOULD REALLY PREFER NOT TO. And I think there must be a natural solution even if it means it lasts 10-15 years instead of 20-30 that would be okay with me, I can dip once every 10 years.

Cheers thank you in advance.

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