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This is an interesting thread. Thanks BjornBee.

I would think that there are many of us hobby beeks who realise the benefits of full sun for the location of our hives but because of the individual conditions and space available to place our hives we have to make do with what we have. Indypartridge's situation is a good example where he has made decisions that may not be ideal in practice but suit his personal needs.

I suppose that what it means is that where we have to make concessions to our environment or our own personal needs then we have to accept that the management of our bees is going to require a more creative approach. It may mean facing our hives either east or west for example so that the larger surface area on the long side of the hive is in the sun's path and that the ends get the morning or afternoon sun (I dont really know if this is really a solution but give it as an example of the creativity that may be necessary). So whilst this may be a hypothetical solution to the shade issue, does the hive with the entrance facing east (shade or not) produce an increase of honey?

Just my ponderings (confused as they sometimes are)

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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