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How do I start a swarm trap?

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I have a friend that has an old farm house that has 3 hives living in it. He said it was OK to set some traps. So what is the best way to do this. Things are really starting to bloom here and I think it is going to be time for the catchin, soon. HELP
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A swarm trap can vary in size, but has been reported to work best at approx. the size of a deep hive body. A height of 8 to 12 feet is usually recommended. Entrance to the south or east, baited with old comb and/or lemongrass oil or swarm lure.

OK, let's see some add on posts here. I know I haven't covered it all.
I have two up currently....nothing yet. Fishing for bees so to speak. I put this one at 30' to keep it outta reach of vandals. A very active colony is in the third story of a building nearby. I baited with old comb and lure.
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Things that make a trap undesirable to bees...

Light coming in from the top.
Traps placed in the sun.
Top entrances.
Occupied by wasps, spiders, etc.
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