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this story will be up there with the top LOL - Iddee has already heard it as he was the first number i called when i had questions - ok i started wanting bees just for the garden - i have a big veggie garden - and the many many fruit and nut trees i ahve planted in the last couple of years - thats why i wanted bees - anyhow i will condense the story to make it shorter - got all my equipment and hives put together and tried and tried for a swarm -it was too late to order so a swarm is what i needed - iddee even helped me out there with a few calls that just didnt work out - day late dollar short - anyhow heres the story ----this all happened on a saturday - i had a friend to GIVE me one of his packages he bought for himself as he ordered 3 - i didnt know he was going to do this for me - on the same day he was going to bring the package to me i had a call from a neighbor/old friend about a swarm really close to his house while waiting on my friend to get here -he only lives a few miles from me - rushing there i saw the swarm all over the ground - i had no idea how to get them in my box so i laid my frames down on them and a few climbed on and i put the frames in the box - i had to go home and get more boxes and frames - got back and they had left the box - i did it again with all the frames and had several bees in the box this time - left when friend got to the house to put the package in a hive and after we both went back to see the swarm - he had never seen a swarm either so we go and then the bees were out of the boxes again - we look up and there is the ball up high in a tree and there was still several on the ground - well we leave to get a ladder but we cant find a ladder tall enough so we go back and sure enough the ball is gone and only a few bees are on the ground - very few - so swarm is gone - i ask him if i can just put my boxes on the back of his truck to save me a couple of trips and he says sure - he goes to pick the boxes up and raises the lid to top box and guess what - the boxes are full of bees - the ball and queen and almost all teh bees went in the box - i came back later that evening and closed it up and took them to their new home and they have done well right beside the package next to them - how easy was that i thought especially for the first time being around bees -they were as calm as could be and that surprised me but now i know why - i knew from then on im gonna like this hobby
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