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how long have you been keeping bees how did you get started

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As the new members start to come into this forum I thought it would be interesting to ask how long you have been keeping bees how many hives you got and how you got started. I believe it would help us all get aquainted and know each other a little better. I know we have an introduction page but thought I would try to get some posting going in the general chat So I guess I can start

I got about 70 hives been keeping bees for going on 5 years. I got started when the doctors thought I needed a hobby to help relieve stress and maybe help control my Blood pressure a little easier. I dont think he had 70+ hives in mind when I took on the hobby ;)
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A swarm settled on one of our pear trees, and at that time neither my wife nor I had a clue what they were. We got close to them to see if they were wasps, hornets. or whatever. Rang the pest controll in town and he stated it was a swarm of honey bees that will leave in a couple of hours, which they did.
So from then on its all good news.
Did my initial beekeeping course in 2000 and already had two hives up and running, (with the help of others).
Gradually built up to don't laugh twenty hives of which 2 are Langs poly and 2 Langs wooden. the remainder are Nationals, but I would willingly swop the Nationals for Langs as they are a superior hive.
I raise my own queens as if I purchased an imported queen I would not know if I was hiving a problem or a calm queen traits.
Because of the beekeeping I now have turned to Microscopy where I can study the anatomy of the honey bee, pollen, and disease. I have undertaken several courses in the pre mentioned and am confident in my disease recognition.
Lastly I am studying for my National Diploma in Beekeeping and hopefully take that in 2012 - 20014.

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