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how long have you been keeping bees how did you get started

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As the new members start to come into this forum I thought it would be interesting to ask how long you have been keeping bees how many hives you got and how you got started. I believe it would help us all get aquainted and know each other a little better. I know we have an introduction page but thought I would try to get some posting going in the general chat So I guess I can start

I got about 70 hives been keeping bees for going on 5 years. I got started when the doctors thought I needed a hobby to help relieve stress and maybe help control my Blood pressure a little easier. I dont think he had 70+ hives in mind when I took on the hobby ;)
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Hello to all,
I currently have two hives that were started from 3# packages on 4/19/08. Italian's but the queens were superseded within the first week of installing the packages, so I will call them mutts. This is my first year in beekeeping and so far so good. Both hives are still alive. I have to more packages on order for the month of May. I have always wanted to try beekeeping but I'm sorry I never pursued it earlier in life. I plan on keeping it at a hobbyist level and learning as much as possible.
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