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how much sugar water to feed new hive

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I got two brand new hives with one deep each and added package bees with queen to each in mid April--one with Pierco frames, the other with wood frames and wax foundation. Have added extra medium super to each about 4 weeks ago when 5 or 6 frames in bottom deeps were full. I am using Boardman feeders and had been feeding about a quart to each every two days. This week both are using a full half gallon each day. Should I continue feeding this much or does this discourage them from going out to find nectar on their own?

Also the hive with Pierco frames, the bees in the afternoon are covering the bottom board entrance and several inches up the front of the hive. Is this normal in the heat we are having--if so why is the other hive not doing that? I have these in southern VA about 30 miles southeast of Lynchburg and they are less than 10 feet apart on the southeast side of a grove of trees.


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I've always heard for a new hive to feed until they wont take it. They need the enegy to build up comb. I am
amazed they are taking it since you have so many "honey sources" blooming there when I was NC the other day. Remember though that when feeding them they are putting that sugar water in the comb so its not really 100% honey if your wanting to sell or bottle it. If you can afford it, keep feeding them and build more comb, at least until you have enough for winter stores or at least fill up the 2 hives bodies you have on them.
Good Luck
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