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I start off by making wax cell cups, I soak this homemade cell maker in soapy water over night and dip the ends of the dowel rods into hot wax several times.

When the wax cools I remove the wax cell cups.

I lay out a set of frame bars and apply a thin layer of hot wax to the wood with a spoon; before the wax completely cools I position a cell cup on the bar. (sorry no pic)

After I've finished making the cell bars I take a frame of brood from the breeder hive with the proper age larva (4 days old)

The proper age larva are the smallest ones in the pic above, these are eggs that haven't hatched yet.

I use a grafting tool to lift a single larva from the brood frame and place it into a wax cup on my cell bar

After I've filled all the cells I place the cell bar frame into a queen-less hive that called a cell builder.

10 Days later I take the cell bar out of the hive, by now I should have a frame with capped queen cells.

I use my hive tool to gently remove the queen cells from the cell bar by cutting the wax base lose from the wood bar.

After I have the cells off the bar I divide them up and place two in each have that I'm re-queening or new hive that I'm starting

There are several steps to raising queens but there all pretty easy
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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