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How to put on a screened bottom board

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It's not rocket science, but I wanted to poll for any best practices about putting a bottom board on the hive.

I have two hives that I did not put screened bottom boards on, but want to do so now. My current plan is to simply put the screened one beside the current hive, use the hive tool to dislodge the regular bottom board and move it over (carefully).

My only real concern, to my knowledge, is the queen, which I need to pray does not hang out on the bottom board when I am moving it.

Any consultation would be appreciated.


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when I change bottom boards I usually take the top box off and set on the top cover then remove each box setting them on top of the one I just removed till I get to the bottom then put bottom box onto the new bottom board and restack in the order I took them off. The queen being on the bottom board shouldnt be an issue
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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