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Howdy from northern Ca.

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I had a job years ago with a small apiary raising queens and sending them all over, I spent a lot of my time there moving bees around the state to pollinate crops, and building frames and boxes. It was a fun job and I have missed watching the bees. I have 25 acres in the foothills 70 miles east of Sacramento where we live and operate a solar powered machine shop. We have a few chickens for bug/weed control, 17 goats who work every day cleaning up underbrush, a huge white dog who keeps the mountain lions from eating the goats, and a Rotty that keeps my wife happy by always being under her feet.
I have been wanting to have a few bees for some time and keep forgetting to order them, well this year I got them ordered, put into their new homes and they seem to be doing well.
I am surprised and thankfull for all the helpfull folks on these forums, I hope to be able to contribute one day.
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Glad to see you got here. Welcome....I think you will find this group as friendly and helpful as any on the net. And MIGHT even know what they are talking about. :eek:
Welcome to the site.

Don't be bashful about posting on the main forum. We are all here to help and learn from each other.
First I have to come up with something intelligent to write about, might be a big job for me.
If intelligence was a prerequisite, I would never have gotten on here to start. Just go ahead and post. If you got no statements to make, then put it in the form of a question.
I don't have a question....:(

Don't I have a question?...;)

And here I thought "Kustomizer" was something to do with bikes.
With a full service CNC ( computer numeric control ) machine shop and a fair sheet metal shop out back we have "Kustomized" everything from Yo-Yo's to stuff out in space. Mostly dirt bikes, streetbikes, antique Indian motorcycles, chainsaws, streetrods, airplanes, scrappbooking, well you get the picture, toys. Last week it was a bee hive ( see trapout flintstone style ). I have aprx 38 years Kustomizing my enviroment and that of others.
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