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Howdy from Texas !

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Hi there, folks. I go by LtlWilli on every forum I visit. I have a brother who is six years older than me, so I went all the way thru my school years as "Little Willi " I am in my second year as a keeper here in Van Zandt county ( about an hour east of Dallas off of I-20)
Canton has a monthly 300 acre flea market, where everything from antiques to animals are sold. It is a real biggie and it will give you flat feet and wallets...LOL
I like this layout here, and I do believe that I can learn here.Therefore , I give you all a tip of my hat. :)
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Welcome to the forums ltlwilli, and her's a tip back at ya!

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Thanks for the "howdy" back...I like that figure.It's just too cool...Where did you run it down at?
Animation Factory Has some pretty cool cowboy ones and lots of em are free :)
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