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This is an internet advertisement for a cruise off the shores of Somali, during which you can hunt pirates.
“Our ship will cruise along the shores of Somali and wait for a pirate attack. You can bring your favorite firearm with you or rent one of ours. We leave port Mombasa (Kenya) on the 29th of May, proceed along the Somali shore to Djibouti, where the cruise ends. Hurry, space is limited! The first 100 tracer rounds are free.â€
“We guarantee at least two pirate attacks, else we will refund half the cost of the cruise, including the rent of firearms and ammunition. The ship will cruise along at a speed of 5 knots, 12 nautical miles away from the Somali shore. If pirates do not attack, we will turn around and go back along the same course, and will cruise along the Somali shore for 8 days until a pirate attack occurs. At night the ship will be well lit, fireworks will be shot into the sky, and speakers playing loud disco music will be aimed at the shore. This is sure to attract the pirates’ attention.â€
The cost of such a cruise is around $1500 per person.
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