I found this and think it sums it up nuff said merry xmas

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    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the nation
    The economy had soured
    So there was no elation

    Parents looked at the bills
    Past due for so long
    Children could tell
    Something is seriously wrong

    “Santa’s not comingâ€
    We all told our small
    “It’s nothing you did
    Nothing at allâ€

    As we looked into the sky
    Full of worry and doubt
    One star shined brighter
    And seemed to stand out

    A sense of serenity
    Did seem to seep in
    A sense of calmness
    Did start to begin.

    Its not about money
    And presents galore!
    Its more about giving
    Salvation, and so much more!

    The Christ child was born
    On this day long ago
    He came and he loved
    For eternity we would know

    For the commercializers out there
    The profit margin’s their plight
    But for those who love Jesus
    This is a Great Night.