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I greet all the participants in this wonderful forum.
I invite you to read the second edition of my book " My Happy Bees".

To download, please use the Internet link (see below):
HAPPY BEES_END_2nd edit_p-book_Color_for share.pdf

The first review of the second edition of my book was published on the Amazon website in the UK.
And he is valuable because he wrote this review beekeeper. Here is his opinion about my book: "Very interesting . A refreshing look at bees with some innovative yet common sense ideas. I read this as a beekeeper and shall incorporate this knowledge into my care regime."(
A good review was left on the Australian Amazon website, apparently by a local beekeeper.
That's what he wrote: "Persuasive augument from a careful and thoughtful beekeeper that spur the reader on to practise what was learned. A highly recommended reading for all aspiring and even seasoned beekeepers. Well presented and well reasoned conclusion not found in beekeeping guide books." (
Here is another review of the second edition of my book from my dear reader, Rick Warner
"I’ve read the book, great read. The parts at interest me the most is finding the perfect place to place your bees, and the way that you feed them to make them strong. Peter has a way of bring you in to his garden and his happy bees are there to enjoy. This is a book that you’ll want to read over and over. Written from the heart of a true beekeeper. Peter changes the way we see bees and the world around us. Thank you Peter for sharing your knowledge and writing it down for generations to read." (
I am pleased to receive such reviews, because they reflect the essence of my book and give me a pleasant feeling of usefulness of my Work and hope that there will be more Happy Bees in the world.
Best regards, Peter Grayman.
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