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Iddee, I'm here now...

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Ya think Bjornbee might have an extry queen for an ole Virginia beekeeper?
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Not only will he have one, but he will entertain you with an afternoon picnic if you show up at his place on the 18th.


Glad to see you made it.
Shoot!!!! Daggummit!!! I can't make it this Saturday. My wife has signed me up to grill hamburgers for our church youth's post vacation Bible school celebration/pool party. Ohhhh, the sacrifices that must be made.
I just seen this thread. I'm out of queens at the moment. I'm supposed to be grafting right NOW....but guess what.....It's pouring out....AGAIN! (Although we need it for the clover.... ;) )
Re: Bjorn (and any Russian breeders) a question for you

I've heard that Russian queens mated with Italian drones can yield a hot (hotter than normal?) hive. However, what if Russian drones mate with Italian virgins? Does this also yield hot Italian progeny?

I've heard Russian drones do not yield hot progeny if mated with Italian virgins. I spoke with Bob Brachmann of New York (from whom I just got my Russian queen) and he suggested that was true.

Would like to get others' opinion on it.
I have 'Russian' hives and out of town swarm hives. Neighbor behind and over has (had?) Italians Neighbor across has local swarm and neighbor down the street has Italians, out of town swarm/trapouts, and North Lonoke County Survivor (or is it Hygenic?) :lol: and one of my russians have bred with the local area and they are fine and dandy and my best producers with the other 'russian' queen still going. I figured they would have replaced her but she is still here.

I have been told the same thing. My russian queens were open mated, I believe in Louisiana a couple years ago, and I am not sure of their other genetics. So I do not know if it has to be purebred Italian with purebred Russian. I use purebred because that is how they were advertised when two of us purchased our packages and nucs.
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