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If I could pass this little tip along -

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Since I am new to the bee world I have been doing a lot of reading the last 8 -10 months. I have Carniolan. I have read where our girls occationally enjoy a little swim in others pools... (For whatever reason) - With a housing development across the road from me and one known pool, I decided to buy my girls their own bird bath pool. Since bees have an attraction to certain smells I decided to put some 'Honey B Healthy' in theirs.

Last evening I went down to check and clean it and they were like cattle in a feed lot. So cute wathcing them all circled drinking. Maybe that will have them drinking at home. lol What do they need with chlorine anyway.... If I wanted blondes I would have gotten Italians.
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blondes,brunetts,who cares as long as they put out
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