I'm so lost about beekeeping!

Discussion in 'Beekeeping 101' started by Bee_Fluff, Aug 6, 2017.

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    o_O Is it really bad to get a package of bees shipped to you? Will they really arrive to me dead? I am unable to pick up any and I don't want to waste money. The site I'm looking at is draperbee.com and I think I'll be getting Italian bees next year.

    Is using the fume board necessary or can I just smoke my bees?
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    Packages of bees are shipped successfully all the time. Unforeseen problems could result in the loss of the package, but that is probably pretty rare. You should confer with your vendor about the best option for shipment.

    I have been simply pulling out single frames and shaking most of the bees back into the hive before walking a few yards away to put each one in an empty super I have on the back of my truck with a lid on it. Either at the hive or at the truck, I use a bee brush to remove any stragglers as gently as possible. I wind up with a few bees in the super with the frames but I can let many of them out later before I drive away.

    As you can imagine i only have a few hives to harvest at a time and the work can be pretty time consuming vs lifting off whole supers full of frames. However, I can avoid taking away lots of uncapped or partially drawn frames that I might not notice when grabbing the whole super.

    When I empty a super on the hive, I lift it off and put it on the truck to fill with frames. Any partially filled or uncapped frames can go into a super you are putting back on at that time or can wait to go back on with the extracted frames if that is your plan.