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I'm thinking i may need a queen. Opinions?

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In early May i hived a #3 package. By the numbers in the hive currently, i am getting the feeling that this hive will not be near strong enough to make it through winter. The brood nest never did get past 1 medium box, and shows no sign of getting better (stronger). The queen was a mated Italian and at first, seemd to do great, however watching this hive lately, even with feed on, the numbers just arent climbing.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking new queen.......... different breed perhaps?
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Lets use five hives I have here at my house as an example of what riverrat was saying. All italians, two hives have different genectics from the other three. The three that the queens have common genetics are still laying like crazy, the other two that are kin have slowed way down on laying. The last two are smarter than the first three because we are going into our summer dearth.
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