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In My Top Feeder

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I've had my first bees for about 2 weeks now. With all the rain we've been having I feed 50/50 every other day. I noticed hive 2 hadn't seemed as active and today when I opened the top feeder my #2 hive has a wax cone like thing along where the bees go into the feeder. I didn't notice it the other day. It is the same as was being built when I wasn't able to get the box of bees out of my # 1 hive for 2 days after recieving them. What does this mean? :idea: .
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It means the bees are being bad girls. :roll:

It isn't what you want to see, but it really won't hurt anything. Just leave it, as they would just replace it if you removed it. After they draw out a few frames in the main hive body, then you can take it out and hope they are happy with the bottom box.
The be building a ladder to get to the feeder opening
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