Installed my package and checked the other hives today.

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    Installed my package and checked the other hives today. Is this a queen cell?

    I failed to order another frame feeder, so when I installed the package I got today I decided the take the feeder out of the nuc hive.

    The nuc was installed April 6th and the girls really haven't built out much more than the 4 frames they came with. One frame is almost completely capped brood. There is a little capped honey on each of the 4 original frames. The other frames have uncapped brood, pollen and nectar. They have drawn some comb on both sides of 1 frame and have a few stores there. They have also drawn out part of 1 side of two frames of the plastic coated foundation. I was a little disappointed that I didn't see more progress.


    The swarm that I caught on Friday is off to a great start. I still haven't seen the queen, but there was 1 frame that was almost completely full of eggs. I really wish I had bought all black foundation. It sure makes the eggs easier to see! They have also drawn comb on at least 5 other frames and have lots of stores of nectar/feed and pollen. I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures of this hive.

    The package install went pretty well. I was somewhat concerned about installing it about 2 feet from the nuc hive, but there were no problems.


    The only problem I did encounter was what looked like a capped queen cell in the oldest hive nuc hive. It had a queen cup when I got the nuc, but now this is capped. Please let me know what you think.