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Is this a Mason Bee?

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Please help identify these bees. Our barn has been invaded by them. There are a lot of them buzzing all over.
The ones I saw as I was getting pictures kept burrowing in the wood of the old weathered barn door.
They were not aggressive and did not seem to care I was there. Just not a big fan of having them all over inside the barn.

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Hard telling from the picture. Mason bees are pretty small but Carpenter bees do burrow into wood and make nicely neat 3/8th inch holes. Carpenter bees are generally pretty big, looking much like a Bumble bee and their abdomens are pretty dark/black in color.
These are small the size of a honey bee maybe even slightly smaller.

We've always had carpenter bees here. These are definitely not carpenter bees
You are lucky. You might check out "Crown Bees" website and order a Mason bee house and some reeds and try to draw them to that instead of your barn. My location isn't right for mason bees but I am going to order some Leafcutter bees from Crown Bees about the time my garden is going strong. I had Carpenter bees mess up my little log cabin by the pond so I made traps for them and plugged the holes in the cabin logs.
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