It ain't over till it's over.

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    Too funny.
    Some of you may recall waaaay back that I responded to a call about bees, only to find out they were bumbles, but then discovered the neighbour had honey bees in their place.
    I had provided information (twice) that was sent to the homes owner (it's a rental) but had never heard anything back.
    Well, guess who called yesterday? :lol: :rolling:
    Apparently the owner would now like them removed. I explained that it was a poor time of year to do it and that spring would be better. (Apparently) :roll: they did not receive any of the information I submitted.
    They wish to list the house for sale in the spring (March). The next time they come down to the house they said they would call and let me into the cellar to check it out.
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    what's up with that? funny, we received a call from a couple who have honey bees, and have had honey bees coming and going in the eaves of an older house since late spring, and now they want them gone???.....same scenario, too late now, and wait til spring.
    your info that was sent was most likely received and most likely ignored, and now the fire is under the pants of the owner and wants them gone now cuz it's being listed in the spring......
    good luck my friend!!! :grin: